✨Create a People Counter with OpenCV in 5 min!



🔴Adrian Rosebrock, OpenCV People Counter, PyImageSearch,

👉, accessed on 7 July 2020

⭐To download the code just follow the link above and you will be able to download the code directly from pyimagesearch.


✔️conda create -n counter python=3.7 anaconda

✔️pip install NumPy

✔️pip install argparse

✔️pip install imutils

✔️pip install OpenCV-python

✔️pip install cmake

✔️pip install dlib

⭐I do want to mention that to install dlib you need to have visual studios installed with the c++ package this is required otherwise you will get errors downloading dlib even if you have CMake.

⭐python — prototxt mobilenet_ssd/MobileNetSSD_deploy.prototxt — model mobilenet_ssd/MobileNetSSD_deploy.caffemodel — input videos/example_01.mp4 — output output/output_01.avi (All one line)

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